armaggan art design gallery solo exhibition

Mirror Series...

The Mirror series is composed of portraits which stare out as though the subjects are looking into a mirror. The people look into a mirror in the belief that they are seeing themselves. In truth however are they actually seeing a reflection of how they perceive themselves? 

In the present day, our conception of ourselves and our surroundings is formed by both written and visual imagery found in the media.

Not only do these accepted forms set the rules for which body shape we ought to aspire to, or things we should attain but also it affects the very foundation of our sense of self, our set of beliefs, individualism and our role in society.

 The portraits are the Mirror itself, the reflection of the imposed imagery; it does not reflect the actual reality but shows the representation, or presentation anew of the superimposed imagery. 

 Each portrait is a manifestation of the imagery from the mirror; joyful or sad, humble or provocative, strong or weak, clothed or nude...

 Reflections of fantasy, dissatisfaction, madness, discrimination, and sexism within society.