ABout me

Born in İzmir, Lütfiye Kösten graduated from İzmir Girls' Technical High School Graphic Department. Later, she completed the "Painting Department of 9 Eylül University" in 2002. She graduated from the Department of Photography in "Yıldız Technical University" in 2002. Lütfiye Kösten, is currently working at his workshop in France.


In her portraits, Lütfiye Kösten associates her work with concepts of time, space, identity, and existence. In her paintings the most vital point is the realistic treatment of the eyes. The deep meaning that the eyes add to the portraits gains strength with lines. Stability within the mobility strengthens the meaning in the eyes. The collage effect created by the treatment of colors like pictographic stains arouses in us a feeling of timelessness.  She uses her figures as if they are not from their own time and space, but rather as if they have been pasted over from a different time zone. These figures make beholders feel a sense of being lost. The figures reject the roles given by the society; they are in a state of revolt and rebellion. Each portrait gazes at us as if to prove their existence.